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A fix for FTP MLSD connection timeout error

Ever had trouble connecting via secure FTP where you had a timeout error just after the MLSD command? Read on for the fix that worked for me.

Cubecart v5 rewrite.script for Zeus

If you're running Cubecart v5 on Namesco or another host that uses the Zeus webserver, you'll need this to have nice SEO URLs.

How to fix Firefox search to use the local Google search

Does your Google search box send you to google.com instead of the site for your country? Here's the fix.

Web Hosting: Beware of Fake Review Sites

So you've found a highly rated web host on a review site. Before you buy, are you sure the review site isn't lying to you?

Create Your Own Layer for Google Maps on Android

It's really easy on my sat nav to find nearby wifi hotspots using freely available POI (point-of-interest) files. But how can I have the same functionality on my Android phone. Here's how to use POI data as a Maps or Nav layer.

WebsiteBaker: Removing /pages/ from the URL - The Code

If you haven't already read about my methods for removing /pages/ from a WB(WebsiteBaker) site URL, check out the previous article.

WebsiteBaker: Removing /pages/ from the URL

I personally like the idea of storing site content under a directory but don't like how WebsiteBaker displays this to those who visit my WB sites. So let's look at ways of removing /pages/ to make nice clean WebsiteBaker URLs. (caveat: based on WB 2.8.1)