What is a CMS?

joomla-admin.jpgA web Content Management System is a software package installed on a web server that allows easier management of a website. To add or edit content on the website you don't need to know HTML or website design. More than one person can also add or edit pages at the same time if given permission. A website designer/developer will install the software and then create the template or theme for your site. You then have full control over content of your site, and don't need to pay someone every time you need to change some wording or add new information.


What We Offer to Website Owners

If you're interested in switching to a CMS or are considering a redesign, we can work with our designers to provide you with a site that's

  • cost effective,
  • easy for you to manage,
  • and attractive to your customers.


Why not contact us for more details.