Create Your Own Layer for Google Maps on Android

Published: August 22, 2012

I’ve just recently updated the POI (Point-of-interest) files for my sat nav using the freely downloadable POIs from PocketGPSWorld. While I was doing this I thought that I’d like to have some of that, especially wifi hotspots, on my HTC Desire as a map layer. Here’s how I’ve done it.

  1. Download or create your POI file
  2. Convert it into KML format. PoiEdit is good for doing that.
  3. Sign into your Google account (same one as you use on the phone).
  4. Open
  5. Select My Maps
  6. If this is your first map it will open a new one for you, otherwise choose Create new map.
  7. Select Import.
  8. Choose the KML file that you created.
  9. Once it’s finished importing, save it.
  10. Now open Maps on your phone.
  11. Click the Layers button - top right.
  12. Select More Layers.
  13. Select My Maps
  14. You should now see the new map you created, select it.

And now you’ve added your own layer to Maps. You will also be able to select it as a layer from Navigation as well.

There is one unfortunate problem I’ve come across - only the first 1000 markers seem to be loaded by Maps on my Android phone. Anyone know why?


You queries why there was a 1000 point limit to KML imports to Google Maps. Been struggling with that myself, the answer is here:

Posted by Bill Williams on 10 Feb 2013

Did you ever figure out a way to bypass the 1000 limit? 

Posted by G on 19 Jan 2015